Granny Rocks has been on the planet since 1945, but she has just become a performer. Since her mid-50’s, she has been a composer of pre-recorded music. But now she has just begun to play the piano again and is using her instrument to perform live improvisations to support her message and to connect us deeply to ourselves. Even she can’t quite figure out how the miracle happened — how she is able to overcome her physical disabilities, not to speak of her intense performance anxiety. But her life has been full of trauma, challenges and miracles, and we’ll share a few here.

Born in New York City in 1945, she has always been acutely aware of the intense suffering on the planet. From the age of 9 and at great personal cost, she became a dedicated social activist, engaged with issues ranging from anti-nuclear proliferation, to income inequality, the Vietnam War, racism, social justice and workers’ rights. Finally, from 1974-78, she was the West Coast Coordinator of the Wages for Housework Campaign, which pointed out the role of “women’s work” in the economy while addressing the economic foundation of women’s lack of power in society. But in the end, she burned out on political activism and searched for a different way to support social change.

And she didn’t have to wait long. In 1978, just as she withdrew from radical politics, she had a completely unexpected spiritual awakening, and in 1980, she even had a “psychic” awakening and began to experience an inner voice that has guided her ever since. She immediately became an intuitively guided counselor, working with groups and individuals. And then in 1983, she founded a spiritual community called The Stream, which has since evolved into TheInnerRevolution.Org, a non-profit organization dedicated to spiritual activism, helping our world from the inside out. In the decades since that 1980 awakening, she has been a counselor and prolific workshop leader, written six books (two fiction and four non-fiction and two of which are free downloads at TheInnerRevolution.Org), composed three classical/New Age CDs prior to Granny Rocks (all of which are available here), been a blogger at the Huffington Post and other sites, as well as hosted her own radio show, Inner Revolutionary Radio (now hosted by others in her community) and more. She has over a hundred videos on YouTube at Beth Green TV, which has nearly 2500 subscribers, where she speaks with fresh originality about topics from relationships and ego to economics and history. And she created LifeForce: The Inner Workout, which is a mind-body-spirit exercise program available free on the internet.

Granny Rocks at 60 with her mom.

Since her spiritual awakening, Beth has been a voice of common sense spirituality, calling upon us to confront mindless conformity to that which hurts us. She has developed a community dedicated to Oneness, Accountability and Mutual support — the hallmarks of the Inner Revolution — and she has helped countless people free themselves of the domination of ego and all that comes with it. Yet Beth is still changing. Today, she is emerging as Granny Rocks, still trying to alleviate needless pain on the planet, but now doing it through her music and the Granny Rocks Experience, which combines her very original music with her spontaneous commentary, humor and common sense insight.

And she has done it all despite chronic illness from the age of 15 until today. In fact, Beth was being trained as a classical musician until she become chronically ill and could no longer play the piano. Cut off from music, she went toward her other endeavors, always trying to do what she could to alleviate needless suffering despite being ill and often housebound or bed-ridden. But then while in her 50s, a new world started opening up to her. Computer-assisted music and electronic keyboards became available, and over time, Beth found her voice in music again. While she could not play the piano, she discovered that even though she could write and perform music through her new instrument — the computer — through the process of playing a few notes and editing them via computer. Although preoccupied with her other work, Beth managed to produce three CDs of original instrumental New Age/Classical music, a fourth brand new album of music, Rumblings of Revolution, combining rock, jazz, classical and blues elements, and even a music video, The Mystery Trilogy. But she was never able to physically perform live because she was too crippled to play the piano and too overcome with stage fright as well.

But just recently a real miracle has occurred. This seventy-something-year-old semi-invalid, Beth Green has transformed into Granny Rocks. Using digital keyboards and acoustic instruments, she can actually express her soul through the piano again. And it was like she had never stopped. She is in awe of the whole thing, she feels intensely grateful, and by playing the piano, she has returned to an aspect of her inner self that she lost when she had to stop playing at the age of 15. Imagine this: For the first time in over 58 years, she is playing the piano again, and for the first time in her life, she is overcoming stage fright and performing live.

But this miracle has a purpose beyond the fulfillment Granny Rocks. Her new performances are a flow of musical and verbal improvisations, which really represents a new modality for music and social activism, as she connects to audiences extemporaneously about issues that are important to us all. And these experiences have an impact on those who see and hear her, as she reaches into the hearts of her audience and brings us together.

But now Granny is bringing this new format to a new level. Recently she created Granny’s Place: A Haven for Love, Entertainment & Uncommon Sense, and she streams the show live every Wednesday from 6:30-7 pm Pacific time, available at different times throughout the world. The show is funny, impactful and wise, and we hope you check it out. It is streamed live on Facebook and YouTube, and the recorded programs will be available any time thereafter, archived at Granny Rocks TV on YouTube. Her husband “Sweet Baby” James joins her on the show for a lively interaction.

Granny Rocks & Sweet Baby James

For a little personal information, Granny Rocks is married to James Maynard, otherwise known as Sweet Baby James, who is also a musician and with whom she sometimes performs. They live in a forested setting in Central Oregon with their two little dogs, Lily and Mojo.

Check out the Events tab on this website for her upcoming performances. And for more information about Granny Rocks, her workshops, counseling, creative arts coaching, videos and ongoing other activities, explore this website, and follow her Facebook page. There’s is a lot more information about Granny Rocks, founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org at her organizational website TheInnerRevolution.Org and its Facebook page for even more information about her fantastic community of people, who are committed to healing, helping and the Inner Revolution, and they welcome you.

Granny Rocks keeps overcoming incredible obstacles, because she has a song to sing. No wonder the hummingbird rising is her symbol. The hummingbird defies gravity and so does Granny Rocks! Follow her on Spotify and Facebook. And subscribe to her Granny Rocks TV channel on YouTube. The links are at the bottom right-hand corner of this page.